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Meeting on Para 3(a) of Public Procurement (Preference to Make in India) Order, 2017 - reg.

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In order to decide over notifying Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals Products under the above said provision, A meeting will be held under the Chairmanship of Sh. Navdeep Rainwa, Joint Secretary, DoP on 20.02.2020 at 10:00 am in Room No. 220, A-Wing, Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi. 

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@Dr. Sanjiiiv, Chairman, PWMAI attended the meeting on behalf of PWMAI. 

@Mr. Rajiv Nath, Forum Coordinator, AiMeD was also present in the the meeting.  

Agenda of the meeting was in reference to Public Procurement (Preference to Make in India), Order 2017 - Revision; regarding. Department of Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade, in partial modification [Paras 3(a) and 14 modified and Para 10A added] of order no. P-45021/2/2017-B.E.-II dated 15.6.2017 as amended by Order No. P-45021/2/2017-B.E.-II dated 28.05.2018, hereby issues the revised "Public Procurement (Preference to Make in India), Order 2017"with immediate effect:-

There were detailed discussions with the officials from DoP about the Manufacturing Capacity of various Medical Devices. Officials had only concerned about the apprehension of user departments about non availability,  sub standard products manufactured by manufacturers of Indian Origin. As per officials, non availability of data will be a deterrent in implementing the above mentioned notification. 

The Officials of DoP appealed to all the member's present to collect and compile the data of manufacturing capacity of various Medical Devices under respective categories within 7 days. 

It was decided that AiMeD and PWMAI together will design the online form to collect the data from the Indian Manufacturers. All such data will be compiled and the compilation will be shared with DoP and Industry Members. Details of Manufactures will be kept strictly confidential. 

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Ok. Please share the data link as soon as possible to work on it. 

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